Spring arrives in Oslo


Wow, what a few weeks. The return of the sunshine after an absence of nearly 3 months has accelerated the end of winter here in Oslo. But be warned as Wednesday morning proved, the snow can return overnight with a sudden drop in the temperatures.

But back to the sunshine….. and keep it coming please. The layers and layers of clothing we’ve been piling on during the colder, darker months are starting to be shed. However the greatest feeling is being able to wear trainers and running shoes again. Whilst our boots are great, imagine, if you can, walking in those boots for 4-6 hours a day, 5 days a week since the beginning of October. Then suddenly, your feet are freed from the restrain and weight of the boots and your legs feeling 10 times lighter, the sun is giving you energy again. I’ve found myself jogging up hills with the dogs, leaping from rock to rock and covering much greater distances on all walks. In short, Spring has arrived and it is glorious so far!

The lack of ice and rain has also allowed me to take out the SLR camera on several walks over the last week. Below are but a few of the 400 odd photos I’ve taken this week alone.

As I type this, I can see the sunshine beaming down on the building opposite and whilst Saturday is normally a rest day, I’m brewing up some coffee, making a few sandwiches and preparing to head off out into Marka. Evidently I just can’t get enough of this nature stuff.

Have a great weekend everybody