Bringing dog owners together

When I started the dog walking business all those moons ago this was not something I had considered.

Yes,yes we bring dogs together and let them adventure and explore. But introducing owners who previously did not know each other was not on the agenda but a quite lovely unintended side project.

As you might well imagine thanks to word of mouth and happy customers and dogs, quite a few of you already know each other.

In fact at a point a few years ago we walked no fewer than 10 dogs from the same extended group of friends. Several of these have sadly passed away or moved out of the city but we still have a core group of these same pups.

Put back to the title of the dog blog today. I was picking up one of my gang this morning when the owner informed me that her husband had bumped into one of the other dogs who is in the same walk up in the woods and the husband had recognised who it was and had a long chat with the owner.

Previously, I also had another example of where two of our dogs had randomly bumped into each other up in the woods. Both owners immediately saw that the dogs were comfortable with each other and clearly knew each other. It did not take long before Who Let the Dogs Out was found to be the common reason.

Doggies: Jello, Freia, Stella, Quila and Oscar

Doggies: Pippi and Mira

Doggies: Arya, Memphis, Nils, Klara, Fant, Leo and Milli (2 walkers)

Doggies: Biscuit and Hedda

Doggies: Alice, Fridtjof and Haraka

Doggies: Ibsen, Harpo and Eddie

Doggies: Twist, Lucy, Lottie and Lucy

Doggies: Mari, Nola, Tex, Prima, Saga, Samus, Amazona and Ferd (2 walkers)

Doggies: Ilex, Vali, Nansen, Shaq and Deano

Have a lovely evening with your doggies and we are back again in the morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


Linn, Veronica, Alex, Christian, Morten and Matt

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