Perfection is one of those business buzzwords.

It is like the classic answer to the interview question what are your worst attributes…. “Oh me? I am a bit of a perfectionist!”.

Whilst 15 to 20 years ago this might have impressed the interviewer nowadays they would be showing you the door and thanking you for your time.

Perfection is unattainable. Even if you were to score 100% on a test, you could surely have done it a couple of seconds quicker. There is always room for improvement and therefore there is always room to beat yourself up as a perfectionist.

In Japan, crockery that is imperfect sells for vastly larger sums and are highly sought after.A crack or join which has been often repaired with gold leaf actually makes the item stronger than it originally would have been.

And therefore a more sustainable approach to excellence would be to do the best you can, in the given circumstances, with the tools that you have available.

A positive yet realistic attitude is key to delivering this. Take pride in your actions, evaluate on your successes and failings and learn from them, so as to elevate yourself going forwards.

And forgot about attaining the unattainable perfection.

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