Growth through discomfort

Today I have been pondering growth through discomfort.

In other words stepping outside of our usual comfort zones in order to grow. This growth can be psychological, physical or knowledge based.

All too often I find that humans get stuck in the routine of the known. Routine allows us to feel comfortable and secure.

And yet the adventure and the excitement are normally found by pushing outside of these limits.

Evolution has caused humans to naturally try and find the easiest ways in which to do things and therefore conserve energy. This very much makes sense from an evolutionary point of view that our energy needed to be saved for the important tasks of hunting and gathering.

However I would argue that in modern society the supermarket, or even home delivery, means we can afford to maybe use our energy in different ways.

And these different ways open up a whole realm of fun to be had.

Explore new paths and areas, run instead of walk, sing and dance instead of sitting.

Essentially the ego will insist that you stick to the safety of the known. It will tell you that this is what your personality and your way of life is built upon. Change could disrupt that and be potentially dangerous, it tells you.

Alas, whether or not you believe in reincarnation or an afterlife there is one simple truth: we only get one go at this very life we have in front of us now.

And so will you challenge your ego, risking failure in the aim of expanding your boundaries?

As Thomas Edison once said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10’000 ways that won’t work”

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