21st August each year here in Oslo is a joyous occasion.

It marks the first day after the yearly Båndtvang period (1st April to 20th August).

Let the dogs run free! (As long as they are trained in recall and are not dominant or aggressive to other dogs, animals or people).

As with most things in life if these freedoms are abused then no doubt we will find ourselves back with another temporary båndtvang period, similar to what happened earlier this year.

But let us focus on the 99% of good dog owners and friendly, happy dogs who can run, explore and get their energy out once again.

Enjoy the additional freedom and have fun adventuring unleashed once again

Doggies: Haraka, Lucy, Baileys and Aya

Doggies: Memphis, Arya, Fant, Sonja and Henie

Doggies: Mari, Nola, Tex, Eddie, Ben and Pippi (2 walkers)

Doggies: Sara, Samus and Vali

Doggies: Harpo and Smula

Doggies: Nansen, Ibsen, Deano and Lexi

Doggies: Lucy, Max and Fridtjof

Have a lovely evening with your doggies and we are back again in the morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


Christina, Linn, Veronica, Alex and Matt

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