Spurred on by the self-proclaimed importance of the Instagram influencer, “wanderlust” seems to be one of those buzz words at the moment.

I decided to look up the meaning of the term wanderlust and the definition was “a strong desire to travel”.

Now in the case of the influencer they clearly have mixed up the term with putting out a load of photos so as to gain enough of a following to then get freebies of products which they can promote to you and you have no need for.

To me personally the term wanderlust evokes adventure. Not where you need to jump on a plane or travel for hours, but just heading out and getting lost. You very much start the journey the moment you leave home.

Were it to be considered a competition the term would probably be renamed “super hardcore trek fest” by Strava….. With thousands of lycra clad folk competing to better each other’s times instead of enjoying the pure joy of the journey.

I would go further to add that wanderlust fits perfectly with the natural pace of a dog walk.

As you walk and soak up the nature around you, your dog is exploring with all its senses. Your dog may well be running, sniffing, playing, sitting or just enjoying the moment.

Just consider this for one moment: your commute to work could be the very same journey that someone has traveled across the world and paid a lot of money to experience. You can view it as a boring daily routine or you can approach it as a chance to adventure, it is all about perspective.

Doggies: Ellie, Baileys and Lucy

Doggies: Bamse, Lexi, Leopold, Lucy and Arya

Doggies: Ilex, Sara, Samus, Wilma and Ferd

Doggies: Mari, Nola, Eddie, Max, Saga and Ben (2 walkers)

Doggies: Fridtjof, Hedda, Twist and Simba

Doggies: Jello, Fant, Ville, Memphis and Zoe

Have a lovely evening with your doggies and we are back again in the morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


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