Lifelong Learning

I have to admit that I wasn’t the most studious of pupils at school.

The rigidity of framework learning which made up the curriculum didn’t always appease me. I would often sit and daydream through classes, looking out the window which I would invariably position myself by.

I perfected the art of background listening just in case a teacher would suddenly try and surprise me by asking me to answer a question mid daydream.

University followed much the same pattern, ensuring I took in enough details to be able to get a respectable degree but without having to break a sweat. Focusing more on the extra curricular activities.

Post university and with required learning completed, I found a new love for learning.

Suddenly learning was something which I wanted to do about topics I was genuinely interested in.

Fiction has never really been my cup of tea, but i absolutely love reading about history and people’s lives. Psychology, philosophy and creative business became a hobby more than a task.

The more I learn the less I realise I know.

It has become part of my routine to switch out music for audiobooks and podcasts on the most days in the van. The opportunity to learn is always there when given the chance.

Your dogs also provide me with a great source of lifelong learning.

Whilst, in our arrogance, we like to think that we know how people and animals will react in a given circumstance, the element of surprise is always there.

And with this surprise comes learning, experience and knowledge.

To ever believe that you have reached your pinnacle is saddening. Lifelong learning keeps you humble, motivated, curious and adds a certain joie de vivre to the everyday.

There is the classic saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. You absolutely can, you just have to learn the way to do it.

Doggies: Haraka, Lucy, Ellie and Baileys

Doggies: Lexi, Wilma, Arya and Bamse

Doggies: Isak, Ilex, Samus and Sara

Doggies: Saga, Sunny and Ben

Doggies: Fridtjof, Kimba, Wilma and Lucy

Doggies: Jello, Lucille, Simba, Ville and Fant

Doggies: Mari, Nola, Tex, Twist, Lucy and Vali (2 walkers)

Have a lovely evening with your doggies and we are back again in the morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


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