Just start

All too often in life we put up barriers to the things we would like to do or try out.

We convince ourselves that the time is not right or we do not have the right equipment or some other justification to delay cracking on with it.

And therefore we get stuck in our old routines which we are essentially so keen to break out of.

Many years ago I read the book “Screw it, let’s do it” by British entrepreneur Richard Branson. (It is actually a great short read if anyone is interested.)

Procrastination and delaying tactics are human nature. It turns those daydreams and plans into things that we will get around to when the time and circumstances are right.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, the time will never be right.

So just start and get the momentum going.

“Maintaining momentum” I will cover in a future blog post.

I’ll list out a few examples which may sound familiar to all of us.

1. You are feeling that you could be a little healthier than you currently are. You want to therefore take up regular jogging as part of your weekly routine. BUT first you feel that you need the correct trainers and clothing. Maybe you want a sports watch which will track your activity.

I will save you a lot of money. Take those battered old trainers that you walk the dog with. Find an old t-shirt, preferably merino wool over cotton, but cotton will also do the job. Download Strava app for free on your mobile phone.

Don’t say you will start tomorrow, just put on your trainers and clothes and jog at a slightly faster pace then you would walk.

The first jog is normally eye opening and slightly disappointing to the ego, so commit to five to ten jogs so that you feel the benefits.

If you need motivation then maybe reward yourself with a running top or trainers when you reach 15-20 jogs. You have a reward for your commitment.

2. You have been doing the same job for a good number of years. You kind of fell into the job instead of really wanting to follow that particular career path.

You spend idle hours at work secretly checking other opportunities or looking at websites of things you would love to work with.

And yet you have now done your job for enough years that it is super easy and comfortable. However you know that retirement is still 30 plus years away. And that thought demotivates you every day.

You dream of starting a little side business with that hobby you used to love as a child.

Just start. No one is going to do it for you.

Create a free and simple website, like for example on wordpress.com

Do not wait for the website to be perfect and exactly how you wanted before you launch it. Just get it out there and build momentum. If you wait too long your negative mind will tell you that it will never work and that was a waste of time.

3. Diets and healthy eating do not start next Monday or after the Summer holidays.

Start right now by refusing to put the unhealthy food into your body. You will only use the future start date as a justification to binge on the unhealthy stuff between now and then.

Regardless of what it is that you would like to change you will be a lot more successful if you start right this moment.

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