Run your own race – limit the comparisons

Consider this for one moment…. Since the advent of time, or big bang as we currently believe, there has never been another you.

Billions and billions of years have gone by and yet we are unique.

Regardless of your beliefs in parallel universes, there is no other version of you as you are right now and with the experiences you have had.

So why therefore is it in human nature to compare ourselves to others, or one thing to another?

Since the beginning of social media this phenomenon has only increased.

You suddenly scroll past one of your friends who has just run a 10K race or a marathon. You start to remember how it felt last time you went for a jog. How after 15 minutes you had to slow to a medium pace walk as you were not as fit as you had hoped.

You see one of your friends who has uploaded a photo of their new sports car, accompanied by their beaming smile stood next to it. You can’t help but to remember the few rust patches that you have been meaning to fix on your own car.

Now I must add, that those of you with a rather positive and carefree approach to life will be able to smile and not lose motivation.

My personal thinking when I see a sports car is quite how impractical that would be for my daily life. Try getting five medium to large sized dogs in the back of a Porsche Carrera! Or try driving the pot-holed streets of Oslo in an expensive sports car. I think I will stick to my Toyota Hilux.

Just remember when you look at the boastful images on social media that everyone is fighting their own battles and running their own race. We never know what is going on in others lives and therefore should never presume or envy.

This is all of the more reason to take a kinder approach in our interactions with family, friends, colleagues and strangers.

I learnt many many moons ago that jealousy has no positive qualities. You can of course use it as motivation towards a goal. But that motivation is still born out of negativity as opposed to a true passion or desire of your own.

Run your own race and aim for the goals that you personally would like to achieve regardless of what others will think of you.

Doggies: Haraka, Milli, Lucy, Lottie and Kimba

Doggies: Marmite, Max, Lucy and Pippi

Doggies: Deano, Sid, Samus, Simba and Vali

Doggies: Bella, Lykke, Mari, Nola and Tex

Have a lovely evening with your doggies and we are back again Monday morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


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