The role and importance of creativity

Is there anything more wonderful than creativity?

Creativity hides behind many different fronts and names. Play, Curiosity, Design, Manufacture and many, many more.

Creativity definitely has an element of fun and adventure based at its heart.

Trying new things or dreaming up new ideas helps us to access the Flow state.

Here are a few examples of how I try to integrate creativity into everything I do.

This blog for example forces me to be creative. I need to think up a new daily interesting topic about which to write.

On my walks I will regularly find new areas and trails which I have previously not explored.

I play with the terrain in which I walk analysing the feedback from my body.

When serving up evening dinner to my toddler I try to make different patterns or shapes out of the food on his plate. Anything to increase my chances of getting nourishing food into him.

Creativity inspires us to do more and go further.

With the rise of AI there is talk of future generations becoming less creative. We will have to see if this does happen. I do hope not.

Creativity breeds more creativity.

Examine the things that you do on autopilot and try and come up with some different ways of doing them.

But most of all enjoy the process because it is the essence of experiencing the spectrum of life.

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