When dogs pass away

I wanted to follow up on my blog post of yesterday as I’m still thinking constantly about Tiki.

Firstly I want to thank so many of you for reading yesterday’s blog and all of those who sent me messages, it really does mean a lot.

A special thank you to another Oslo dog walker friend who dropped me a message to see how I was coping.

One of the cruelest parts of dog ownership is the fact that we will most likely outlive our canine companion.

When we get a new dog we make the promise and contract with them that we will care for and look after them. This unfortunately also includes having to take the hardest of decisions if we see that they are suffering. It is our final true act of respect to them despite how painful it is.

We are extremely fortunate to have so many dogs that we walk who have been with us weekly for over five years. (9.5 years is our current record holder).

Over so many walks and adventures it is only natural that we get attached and bond.

We get to know our dogs extremely well. But we also get to know the owners and their families personally. We are very often amongst the first people to meet newborn babies, we meet the grandparents, we chat with the teenagers who in time head off to university, we even know a good proportion of the neighbours.

So when a dog passes away we naturally mourn with all of those who have been lucky enough to meet it.

Luckily the sun has been out today, but regardless I would have been wearing sunglasses all day to disguise my red eyes and the tears which ran down my cheeks on several occasions.

Last night I sat with my dog, Minttu. She knew Tiki extremely well. She could sense that I was sad and just put her head in my lap. So for 20 minutes I just stroked her and spoke to her.

The sign of a life well lived is that when you are gone people will cry and yet still be able to smile.

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Have a lovely evening with your doggies and we are back again in the morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


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