The accidental non-assassination attempt

I was struggling to think of a topic to write about today on the dog blog.

So I thought I would share one of my funny stories from Dog Walking.

Please note that I have kept details vague and parts to protect certain Nations and people.

Many moons ago I received an email from the Personal Assistant of a new Ambassador here in Oslo.

They were inquiring whether I would have capacity to take on the new Ambassador’s dog.

Luckily we had capacity at the time and therefore I arranged a meeting for a few days out with the new Ambassador and his dog.

As always I rocked up in a timely fashion, five minutes before our allotted time at the gates of the Residence.

I informed the Security on the gate that I had a meeting with the Ambassador in five minutes and could they let him know.

After a quick phone call up to the Residence and checking my ID, the gate opened and I walked through to be greeted by Security.

At this precise moment out came the Ambassador and his dog and they started walking down towards us.

Escorted by a member of the Security team I walked up to greet him. As we started walking the Security member asked me if I had anything in my pockets.

Patting my pockets and turning them out I showed him my keys, my wallet, and my phone.

The Ambassador gave me a big, beaming smile and I greeted both him and the dog.

He asked if I would like to go for a walk with them in the neighbourhood.

We exited the gates of the Residence and walked down the pavement deep in conversation.

After about 50 metres I looked over my shoulder to see two Security staff walking behind us in dark suits, with radio headsets firmly in place.

Better yet was the fact that a big black SUV was following at walking pace behind the security staff.

Given that it was rush hour and the car was driving at walking pace, it was not long until we had quite a long queue of cars following us on our walk.

Suddenly mid walk a horrific thought dawned upon me…… I still had my hunting knife in one of my other pockets.

I carry it on my walks so as to cut branches which have fallen over paths and cut my leads if they get stuck under immovable objects.

The friendly Ambassador could see that suddenly my demeanor had changed. I noticed his look at me and thought I had better come clean.

-“Mr Ambassador I’m terribly sorry but I’ve just remembered that I have a hunting knife in my pocket”

– He simply replied: “do you intend to use it?”

– “No sir”

– “Well let’s just keep that between us. No need to take it out or show me as Security might react”

We continued our walk with the long procession of Oslo cars stuck behind us. We laughed, we joked and I am very happy to say that we walked his lovely dog for the entirety of his stay in Oslo.

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Have a lovely evening with your doggies and we are back again in the morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


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