Lessons from the Tarmac boys

This story might seem random but, if interested, please read to the end as it actually has a very valuable lesson that everyone can learn from.

A few years ago we had to unfortunately re-do the drainage round our property. We had high damp readings in the cellar and it was decided that it was definitely for the best.

After the digging work and drainage work was completed we were informed that a couple of months later a tarmac firm would pop by and lay down new tarmac where the parking spot had been.

One early morning I’m enjoying my coffee when suddenly I spot an old boy of around 60 walking down the driveway.

I head out and greet him and his work colleague, who is of a similar age. Unannounced they have turned up and say they will start the work 15 minutes later.

Of course this is no problem and I happily move my van so that they can get on with things.

They seem like good friends and they truly have an air of being happy and content in life. I take my second coffee and just observe the way they are working, not as a person who needs to watch and control, but more from a human interest point of view.

The stench and the fumes from the tarmac are quite overpowering. I ask the Old Boys how long they have been doing this for and they answer 40 years.

I find myself inwardly worrying about their health after inhaling these fumes without masks or protection for such a prolonged period of time.

That is when they both take their first cigarette break and outcomes the thermos of coffee.

They smoke, drink and chat as if they were on top of a mountain and completely at peace with life.

Their joyful demeanor is quite an experience to watch as they finish the job quickly and thoroughly. No shortcuts are taken and the finish is of the highest quality.

Once they are finished I noticed them loading more tarmac from their van into the machine. They are taking it up the driveway for some reason. Just to make sure there has not been a misunderstanding over where they should tarmac I follow at a distance.

The two old boys head out into the street where I live and start pouring the extra tarmac into the pot holes which are everywhere. Flattening down the tarmac they leave the road in a much better place than it was.

They must spend at least half an hour just fixing different spots on our road.

I am curious when they return and I ask if they also have a contract with Oslo Kommune. They look at me baffled and reply “no”.

Clearly sensing that I am wondering about the potholes they have fixed, they simply explain that they have the extra tarmac and the road needed fixing. It was their pleasure to help fix our road at very little inconvenience to them.

Personally as someone who always likes to give or do a little extra, this was inspiring.

I hope that you also feel inspired and can look for ways in which to contribute with your given skill set without needing to be asked.

Happy weekend

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Have a lovely evening with your doggies and we are back again Monday morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


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