The term Expert gets used far too often in modern speak in my opinion.

When I meet people and they find out I have been a dog walker for 10 years they use phrases such as: “you must be a dog expert”or “you are some kind of dog whisperer”.

Joking aside, what exactly makes an expert?

I will 100 percent put up my hands and say that whilst I have a lot of experience with dogs I am far from being what I would consider an expert.

Yes, you gain experience and understanding with dogs after you have been on 100, 500 or over 1000 walks together a dog. But this is just about building a relationship and trust between yourself and the dog.

Reading body language or knowing the characteristics of certain breeds will of course help you to understand some of their behaviours and reactions.

But I would emphasise that every dog is extremely unique and should be treated as such when joining our walks.

By using this approach we are better able to fit the dog into the most suitable walk and group.

The term expert is much like the term destination. In the same way that you never actually arrive at a final destination (there is always somewhere to go afterwards), in the same way as you might be arrogant enough to consider yourself an expert, you actually realise how little you know and how much more you could learn.

Luckily the learning and the journey are the best bits.

Doggies: Quila, Oscar, Ibsen, Jello and Lucy

Doggies: Lexi, Haraka and Lucy

Doggies:Samus, Ronja, Wilma, Ilex and Isak

Doggies: Zappa, Fant, Wilma, Memphis and Ville

Doggies: Stella, Kira, Mira, Pippi and Saga

Doggies: Kimba, Milli, Tiki and Fridtjof

Doggies: Mari, Nola, Tex, Twist and Hedda

Have a lovely evening with your doggies and we are back again in the morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


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