Friday has changed a lot since my time in the real world. I remember when working in finance, Friday lunchtime was always two quick pints down the local pub, then back to my desk to finish off the week and clockwatch as it ever so slowly ticked towards the weekend.

Friday these days is quite the opposite.

It is a last chance of the week to spend up any unused energy that I have to adventure with the dogs.

Friday is often the day that I swap my boots for my running shoes so that I can ensure I finish the week in the perfect way. Like any energetic dog I want to be exhausted on a Friday evening.

I am lucky to lead a life full of adventures from Monday to Friday. And then once the weekend starts I move into the less familiar and less predictable adventures of family life.

Anyone with a small kids will know the feeling of absolute lottery of never knowing what you are going to get from one minute to the next.

With the dog adventures I feel I have a sense of control and authority. It would be delusional to say that this is the case with little independent human minds. Both sets of adventures however help us to grow and learn.

As I mentioned in a recent blog post life is all about the journey and not the destination.

The weekend will arrive whether I clockwatch or adventure, and I certainly know which one I prefer.

Happy Friday!

Doggies: Sid, Haraka, Kimba, Milli and Tiki

Doggies: Mari, Nola, Tex, Lucy and Lykke

Doggie: Pippi

Doggies: Vali, Samus, Lucy, Max and Wilma

Have a lovely evening with your doggies and we are back again Monday morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


Christina, Karianne, Linn, Veronica, Alex and Matt

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