Maridalen: the dog walker’s Eldorado

Maridalen:. Most probably my favourite part of Oslo.

Recently I have been writing about how, why and what we do.

But it struck me that “where” is also a crucial component of the dog walk.

So over the coming weeks I will write a series describing different areas to be explored around and in Oslomarka.

I will start with what I consider to be the Mecca of Oslo nature, Maridalen!

This Valley which stretches approximately 9km into the woods is the perfect starting point for a good adventure.

Brekke, Låkeberget, Hammeren, Sandermosen, Mobekken, Movann, Skar…. Just take your pic as they are all amazing launchpads for fun.

A wise man (me) once said (i just came up with it now): “to be bored of Maridalen is to be bored of Life itself”.

At the southern end the aquatic expanse of Maridalsvannet. To the northern end the glorious Maridalsalpene.

There is really something for every possible type of excitement.

To be able to access the abundant luxuries of this protected Valley right on our doorstep is not to be underappreciated.

Looking for history? Margarets Kirke or the wreckage of the WW2 German plane.

Looking for amazing views? Mellomkollen or even the ridge up to the left from Maridalen skole (if you would like a shorter hike).

Would you like a refreshing swim in Summer? Movannet (also accessible by train).

Do you want to sit quietly and listen to a gentle river flow by? Dausjøen (Southern end).

These are but a few of the amazing spots you can find.

I won’t tell you exactly where we tend to hang out as part of the joy is being able to be quite alone. (And I know that my competition read my dog blog).

When was the last time you were in Maridalen? Maybe it’s time to book your next visit.

Doggies: Sid, Haraka, Lucy, Kimba and Lucy

Doggies: Pippi, Tex, Mari and Nola

Doggies: Vali, Samus, Deano, Max and Wilma

Have a lovely evening with your doggies and we are back again Monday morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


Christina, Karianne, Linn, Veronica, Alex and Matt

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