The benefits of dog walking from an owner’s perspective

“My dog is happy and tired and therefore I will not have to walk it as much today.”

Whilst this may be true this is a massive understatement of what can be looked into here. Once again I am going to have to pick out some key case study examples. Otherwise this blog could go on for a long time.

Hopefully by reading some of the examples beneath you will get a greater understanding of how we don’t just walk dogs but we work actively with our customers to find solutions to make their lifestyles run more smoothly.

I’m going to narrow it down into 4 groups: the hectic lifestylers, the covid pups, the mobility impaired and the “i need some free timer”s.

The hectic lifestylers:

Life can be brutally busy. Careers, young families and a multitude of responsibilities and tasks that need to get done.

I can very much identify with this group as if I did not run this business I would be this customer.

Everyone wants the best for their dog, but due to external factors we can’t always give as much attention as we would like to our pups.

Our dogs need mental, social and physical stimulation. Dog walking can offer this.

The Covid Pups:

As the pandemic struck and people were forced to work from home it gave a lot of people the sudden opportunity to get a dog.

Fast forward 3 years and and there is now a concerted drive from employers to get people back into the office at least a few times a week.

These dogs who up until now have had constant companionship and attention sometimes struggle to be left alone throughout the working day.

Dog walking once again offers a solution for your dog to get the stimuli it requires whilst you are at work.

The mobility impaired:

No one chooses to have reduced mobility whether through age or illness. But it is a reality of life. And why should these groups be limited in being able to have the companionship of a dog.

Especially during the winter months when there is a multitude of snow and ice both in the city and up in the woods, it can be difficult for these owners to be able to give their dogs access to raw nature and long hikes.

Dog walking clearly offers this opportunity.

The I need some free timers:

Even if you are able to take daily long walks with your dog and give them the attention they deserve and require, we all occasionally need a little break.

I personally have lost count of the amount of times I have turned down the opportunity of going for a beer, a meal or even a ski because of the guilt of leaving my dog alone for too many hours.

One part of me in knows fully well that my dog will be fine at home. And yet a little voice of guilt comes into my head to remind me of my doggie duties.

Whether it is an after work beer or two on a Friday, or an afternoon cross-country ski after work…. Dog walking can alleviate you of that guilt and in that way literally buy you free time and peace of mind.

Because everyone needs a little “me time” from time to time.

Doggies: Lucy, Marmite, Haraka and Lucy

Doggies: Tex, Mari, Nola, Max and Pippi

Doggies: Freia, Vali and Eddie

Doggies: Sid, Arya, Samus, Tiki and Kimba

Have a lovely weekend with your doggies and we are back again Monday morning for more dogwalking in Oslo nature.


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