Mandag 26 september turer

Hei og god mandag.

We hope you are all well and that you have had a wonderful day.

Wonderfully wet wanderings and walks out in Oslomarka today.

It was such fun to explore the woods with the freshness of the rain. No heavy rain meant it was just a case of rain jacket and trousers and then getting on with the adventures.

Doggies: Aya, Trassel and Gaia

Doggies: Freia, Ben and Lucy

Doggies: Sara, Vali, Max and Ilex

Doggies: Lucille, Zappa, Gulla, Gabby and Memphis

Doggies: Leesi, Lucy and Haraka

Doggies: Smula, Jello and Ragnar

Doggies: Pippi, Simba, Saga, Alfred and Sunny

Sorry walker ran out of phone memory after few photos this afternoon, so limited photos from wet walk

Have a lovely evening and big hugs to your doggies from us


Christina, Karianne, Linn, Veronica, Alexander and Matt 🐾