Fredag 9 september turer

Hei, god fredag og happy helg.

We hope you are all well and that you have had a wonderful day.

From my room here at the Post Natal Ward I have a splendid view out towards the woods. I have been pacing the room with newborn daughter over my shoulder watching the clouds go by and pointing out some of the hills we can see and explaining the best routes to adventure up there.

And whilst I have been boring my daughter to sleep…. the others have been out on some of these very hills and woods with your doggies, having great fun.

Doggies: Lucy, Sara, Samus, Max and Ronja

Doggies: Mari, Nola, Bella, Lykke and Ragnar

Have a lovely evening and big hugs to your doggies from us


Christina, Karianne, Linn, Veronica, Alexander, Morten and Matt 🐾