Tirsdag 10 mai turer

Hei og god tirsdag.

We hope you are all well and that you have had a wonderful day.

Rain! Welcome back my old friend. Good to see you as your visit was much needed.

Slightly wetter adventures are not only tolerated but enjoyed with rolling in the fresh grass and shrubs.

As the heavens opened wide this afternoon a few of the doggies needed a little more encouragement, but it was still lovely out there.

Doggies: Stella, Trassel, Haraka, Lexi and Minttu

Doggies: Zappa, Fant, Wilma, Memphis and Milo

Doggies: Mira, Marmite, Quila and Lucy

Doggies: Alfred, Ferd and Idris

Doggies: Ragnar, Twist, Lucy, Fridtjof, Alice and Tiki (2 walkers)

Have a lovely evening and big hugs to your doggies from us


Christina, Karianne, Linn, Veronica, Morten and Matt 🐾