Mandag 2 mai turer

Hei og god mandag.

We hope you are all well and that you have had a wonderful weekend of walks and adventures.

Lovely to be back out, lost in nature with the pups today.

They were certainly motivated and happy to catch up with their friends and run and play as we explored some lovely spots.

Check out the fun below 👇

Doggies: Saga, Shimmy, Trassel and Minttu

Doggies: Sara, Ronja, Samus, Vali and Max

Doggies: Hank, Memphis, Wilma and Fant

Doggies: Haraka, Gabby, Swix and Lucy

Doggies: Aya, Ben and Lucy

Doggies: Jello, Smula, Freia, Ragnar and Minttu

Doggies: Milli, Zappa, Lucille and Beilly

Doggies: Leesi, Sunny and Alfred

Have a lovely evening and big hugs to your doggies from us


Christina, Karianne, Linn, Veronica, Morten and Matt 🐾