Fredag 1 april turer

Hei og god 1 april!

End of the working and walking week, start of a new month, call it what you will…. All i know is it was lovely, sunny and fun out in the woods today with the Friday gangs.

Lucky to be joined by a mate this afternoon allowing me to take an extra pup and take my own doggo, Minttu, along for the adventure.

So….. Check out the fun below and let the weekend begin.

Doggies:Twist, Tiki, Kimba, Lucy and Lucy

Doggies:Vali, Max, Samus, Shimmy, Haraka, Freia and Minttu (2 walkers)

Big hugs to all your doggies from us and have a wonderful evening


Christina, Karianne, Linn, Veronica and Matt