Fredag 12 november turer

Hei, god fredag og happy helg!

And just like that….. another walking week, filled with adventures, exploring, fun and games has concluded.

Apart from the slight chill in the early mornings it is hard to believe that it is almost mid-November. The weather, once again, has treated us very kindly this week. And whilst we love snow, we also love sunshine and blue skies…. so we are being spoilt at the moment.

Today was no exception to this as the doggies roamed, bounced, ran and chased under the blue haze in nature, soaking it all up and having fun.

Time for us to rest up a little, recharge some well-used legs and get ready for Monday when the adventures will start all over. And though we enjoy weekends, we also love the weekdays, so Monday morning is always a joy. See you then!

Doggies:Vali, Max, Lucy and Samus

Doggies:Tiki, Fridtjof and Jippi

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Christina, Karianne, Linn, Veronica and Matt