Onsdag 29 september turer

Heisann og god onsdag til alle!

We hope that you have all had a wonderful day so far.

Well well well, not for the first time it turned out a lot drier than expected. Aside a quick 2 minute shower mid morning we stayed dry from above, and refreshed from the grasses and bushes.

This afternoon we found ourselves literally up in the clouds high up and it was spectacular.

A quick mention to Banipal who after 4 long months of rehab, injuries, aches and pains was finally able to join back up with his gang today. They were over the moon to see him back and so are we.

Doggies:Memphis, Beilly, Lucille, Hank and Zappa

Doggies:Banipal, Punky, Tesla, Poppy and Haraka

Doggies:Lucy, Sara and Wilma

Doggies: Fridtjof, Freia, Twist, Sunny and Max

Doggies:Wilma, Ilex and Vali

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Christina, Linn, Veronica and Matt