Onsdag 30 juni turer

Hei og god onsdag!

What a wonderful way to finish June today.

The temperature is creeping up each day and the sun made its presence known this afternoon as we found some shade at several points to cool down from fun and games.

Beautiful weather and great adventures combined for a truly exceptional day out in the woods with the pups.

Doggies:Vali, Wilma and Lucy

Doggies:Wilma, Beilly and Lucille

Doggies: Banipal, Punky, Poppy and Tesla

Doggies:Ilex, Haraka, Max, Sunny and Twist

We wish you all a lovely evening out in the sunshine. Make the most of it before it becomes too hot in the coming days.

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Christina, Linn and Matt