Fredag 28 mai turer

Hei, god fredag og happy helg!

Welcome to a special Friday dog blog. Yes, yes, Friday is always special and especially when we get some glorious sunshine like today. But today is also a special anniversary as we celebrate 8 years to the day since our first dog walk. 

Even just typing that makes me reflect on quite how fortunate we are to have been on so many adventures over the last 8 years. 

But the adventures by no means are anywhere near being finished. Even today I managed to find a new trail in a part of the woods we had never explored previously in over 10.000 walks over the years… 

I will use this opportunity to thank my amazing customers and my dedicated and talented walkers (both past and present ) for helping us get this far. We still get up motivated and have a massive smile from first thing on a Monday morning and THAT we know is a luxury. 

So once again thank you to you all and your continued support even if it is just enjoying our dog blog from wherever you are in the World. 

A quick special second mention as tomorrow marks my son’s first birthday. Johan, you continue to inspire and amaze me each and every day especially with your boundless positivity and energy. 

Doggies:Max, Samus, Jippi and Minttu

Doggies:Lucy, Sara and Vali

Doggies:Memphis and Beilly

Doggies:Kimba, Balder, Haraka and Minttu

We wish you all a wonderful weekend in the sunshine. Lots of you I know have plans to be out and about, walking, socialising, sailing and making the most of the mini heatwave

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Christina, Linn and Matt