Torsdag 18 mars turer

Heisann og god torsdag til dere

We hope you are all well and you have eased your way through a gorgeous Thursday.

The sunshine was a bit hidden today, until now (typical of course), but that did allow us to roam and explore in the woods without the crowds of yesterday.

Doggies:Baileys, Bamse, Aya, Lexi and Quila

Doggies:Wilma, Lucy, Anni, Haraka and Wilma


Doggies:Memphis, Fant, Lucille and Milo

Doggies:Lucy, Tassen, Fridtjof, Ilex, Fia and Freia (with 2 walkers)

We wish you all a pleasant rest of this Thursday. The weekend is creeping up on us again, but still time for some adventures tomorrow.

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt