Torsdag 11 mars turer

Hei og god torsdag til dere!

And just like that Winter returned in style!

Oslo blanketed in 30cm + in places, roads under 10cm of snow in City center. Tough driving conditions but once we got to the woods, as we always do, we found crisp, virgin, untouched snow ready to be rolled in, eaten, churned up and chased.

Amazing adventures today and hardly another person seen in the woods across all our walks. A Winter Wonderland just to us.

Doggies:Aya, Bailey, Bamse, Minttu and Haraka

Doggies:Lucy, Anni, Wilma and Leesi

Doggies:Memphis, Wilma, Hank, Lucille and Milo

Doggies:Tassen, Quila, Lucy, Ilex and Freia

Have an amazing evening one and all. We are back again tomorrow to finish off the walking week in style…… sunshine is forecast and with so much snow to play with, it is looking like it will be a cracker.

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt