Mandag 15 februar turer

Hei og god mandag

We hope you are all well and you have had a lovely weekend and a great start to the day

SNOW!!!! Yes….. no sunshine, no blue skies, no mild sunburn…… but new snow, grey overcast weather and a layer of white gold to play in, throw around and smile about. It’s been a long time coming, so we made the most of it

Doggies:Vali, Småen, Emmett, Anni and Sara

Doggies:Sunny, Jippi, Freia and Ilex

Doggies:Hank, Fant, Memphis and Zappa

Doggie:Leesi, Lucy and Fridtjof

Doggies:Tassen, Balder, Max, Lucy and Haraka

We wish you all a lovely Monday night with your pups. Watch out for the ice lying under the thin top layer of snow…. it’ll get you!

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt