Torsdag 7 januar turer

Hei og happy torsdag til dere

We hope you are all well and you have had a wonderful Thursday.

Still glorious out there and incredibly it is already Thursday evening….. this week has flown by in a blur of snow, cold temperatures, fun and games.

Found some good areas with deep snow out there today with the doggies….. and that should translate to tired happy pups.

Doggies:Sami, Anni, Emmet and Haraka


Doggies:Axe, Zappa, Memphis, Twist and Lucy

Doggies:Milo, Lucille and Gulla

Doggies:Aya, Bamse, Lexi, Minttu and Lucy

Doggies:Fia, Quila, Freia, Ilex and Tassen

Have yourselves a wonderful evening. We are back tomorrow with some Friday walkies to ensure some tired pups head into the weekend.

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt