Fredag 27 november turer

What’s an absolutely glorious Friday

Now ….. some of you might be thinking of here we go again a bit of copy and paste positivity from Matt.

But as an old Chinese proverb states “comparisons are odious”. I found this quote in The little Book of Zen which my father gave me years ago when he clearly thought I should chill out even more.

But there is a very simple truth in this message. As no 2 humans or dogs or experiences or walks should ever be compared against one another. For they are all unique and should be judged on their own merits with their own given sets of circumstances.Β 

But to get back to today and to sum it up it was amazing fun out on our walks and the dogs had an absolutely brilliant time. As a dog walker there is really no better feeling at the end of the day than knowing you have delivered as well as you could.

So with that I will do a Barack Obama style mic drop and just bid you all a fantastic weekend

Christina’s walk
Dogs: Mimzy, Lucy and Vali

Matt’s walks
Dogs:Balder, Tiki, Shaggy and Kimba

Dogs:Hank, Jippi and Max

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt