Mandag 16 november turer….. and The Night Walk

Hei and welcome once again to a new walking week.

A wet start to this week, but it was glorious out there in the woods. Really found some lovely trails and even a new little gorge / valley to explore, making the rain seem not so important.

The Night Walk
For some this is a quick lap of the block for a last toilet visit of the evening so as to not be disturbed whilst sleeping. For others it is the perfect excuse for a last good adventure of the day with our pups. A chance to get some fresh air and a bit of headspace after the rest of the day is over. A form of meditation and time to finally calm that inner voice.
I am extremely fortunate to live less than 50 m from the woods and it gives me the perfect opportunity for a bit of exploring either with or without a headlight. The thrill of walking through the woods in the darkness and navigating purely by moonlight really takes me out of the comfort zone that modern society has created. You suddenly feel each footstep and become a lot more aware of all the noises and movements nearby. We have a little family of deer who live in our area of the woods and quite regularly I encounter them. I don’t know whose heart beats faster as they flash across in front of my path. 

The headlight also brings more challenges in the fact that your vision is very much focused only on the 5 metres in front of you. Human paranoia kicks in and you find yourself occasionally spinning around to ensure no-one is creeping up on you. These small thrills not only give me some fantastic adrenaline but I find it helps in my training for being in the dark woods during winter with my groups of dogs. 

On clear nights the sky above is littered with stars and glorious to behold. You can try to capture the moment with some night-time photography but in reality the photos will only ever disappoint. Even though sometimes they too look rather spectacular:

But after so many walks and steps during my working day my true motivation is the fact that I know my own puppy absolutely loves a good 45-minute night walk and that is good enough for me to get out there and share the fun. 

Anna’s walk
Dogs:Lucy, Haraka and Anni

Christina’s walk
Dogs:Småen, Ragnar and Sara

Linn’s walk
Dogs:Fant, Beilly and Hank

Sandra’s walk

Dogs: Leesi and Alhambra

Matt’s walks
Dogs:Max, Balder, Lucy and Minttu

Dogs:Jippi, Sunny, Ilex, Tassen and Minttu

We wish you all a lovely rest of this Monday night with your doggies. We are back again tomorrow for more fun and games and we are looking forward to it already

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt