Fredag 13 november turer….. and The Circle of Life

Hei, happy Friday and welcome to the Weekend!

Make that cup of tea, get that wine glass filled, charge your Pint of lager and sit back to enjoy the doggest of dogblogs.

Yet another glorious day out there on the trails. We went looking for fun and adventures and we got exactly that. Top Friday feeling amongst the pups who were quite willing to put it all out there energy and play-wise…. clearly understanding that some of you would prefer a chilled Friday night in.

The Circle of Life

Autumn is a fantastic time to reflect on the Circle of Life and the Seasons. 

As the trees lose their leaves everything looks a little grey and bleak higher up in the dwindling canopy … whilst the floor is an array of greens, browns, oranges and reds. Those leaves will soon be covered in frost and then snow before they themselves become the fertilizer for new life next Spring. 

Each morning I like to warm up with 15 to 20 Lion King stretches. This is where I take my baby son and start singing the Circle of Life by Elton John, whilst lifting him about my head as if I were Rafiki and he was Simba. A great way to warm up your arms and shoulders while showing the little one his Kingdom. 

And yet Autumn is also a time to reflect on the Circle of Life and those who are no longer with us, but very much so in spirit….. both dogs and humans.

And so when we look to those bare branches of Autumn we should see them as laying the platform for future generations to come and the joy they will inspire in others. 

Anna’s walk
Dogs:Zappa, Lucy and Haraka

Christina’s walk

Matt’s walks
Dogs:Kimba, Balder and Minttu

:Jippi, Samus, Max, Wilma and Hank

Have a great weekend. Looks like there could be a bit of rain coming our way, but don’t let that discourage you from adventuring. Indiana Jones was regularly out in wet weather and he looked to have a fun time.

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt