Torsdag 12 november turer….. and Zen in the Art of Stick Throwing

Hei and welcome to Thursday’s DogBlog!

We hope you are all well and you are having a tip top week so far. If not, fear not, weekend is almost back upon us.

Were you not to have been out in the woods today you might have thought something along the lines of “ewww… bit of a grey one today, glad i am inside”. No disrespect, but how wrong you are. The fun was to be had out and about, adventuring in style and exploring the best of Oslomarka with the pups.

Zen in the art of stick throwing
I do hope that the majority of you enjoy seeing the happy, running dogs on the dog blog each day. An absolutely essential piece of kit to ensure that this happens is the humble stick…. Very often found in the woods. Now when you have been “pro” dog walking as long as I have…. you scan the floor of the woods in search of the perfect projectile. Whilst I agree that a lot of our dogs are happy for us to throwing and wing pretty much anything anywhere and they will chase…do read on for a more in-depth approach to the Art of Stick Throwing

The key aspects to look for in a good stick include:

  • length of stick
  • thickness of said stick
  • The weight
  • is it smooth or rough?
  • is it wet or dry?
  • are there too many small branches having off it
  • aerodynamics….. (how far will this fly?)

I take these criteria very seriously when selecting what I will throw. Please see below for two contrasting sticks. 

This is a good stick. Not too flimsy, sturdy, not too many bits sticking out, good weight and this will (and did) fly far!

This stick here is just one big mess…… bits here, there and everywhere, too light and bits of moss in it…… the dogs are still interested in it….. but it went less than 5 metres due to the drag effect of the extra bits and floated in a pathetic way to the ground. Luckily this was only used as an example as i would usually never bother to pick up such a poor specimen!

Also bear in mind that throwing uphill or downhill will help your dog burn extra calories and energy. (little extra tip there, you’re welcome World!)

So next time you are in the woods with your dog, I “wood” hope you will use this information to enhance the quality of your walks for your canine companion.

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We wish you all a fabulous Thursday soirée with your doggies. We’re back tomorrow to finish off the walking week with some darn good adventures and trails, so do check back in

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt