Tirsdag 10 november turer


Tuesday…… Ruby Tuesday, who could put a name on you?

Welcome and i hope a few of you will have got the Rolling Stones reference in there. It fits nicely with today’s Matt’s Thoughts which will be on music (see below)

Glorious day of cloud and mist in the woods setting a kind of medieval movie set backdrop to our walks. I was glad that the opening fight scene from Gladiator did not unfold as i was out in the woods….. though Russell Crowe is always welcome to drop me a message if he wants to join for a walk.

Back to today’s thoughts and insight into life as a Dog Walker

“Music?” I hear you ask through your keyboards. Yes indeed music is a very key part to any dog walkers life. 

Now let me be precise I never listen to music or podcasts on the walks… I give 100-percent focus to the doggies, my surroundings, nature and the experience of living in the moment. 

But before and after the walks music plays a key role in the van. Get the music mood wrong and it will drain your energy levels and not leave you you buzzing at the optimal energy to pass on to the dogs when the adventuring starts.

My music taste is unbelievably eclectic. There is as much chance of listening to Classical as there is to hip-hop, EDM ,Rock or Pop. Everything goes…. but it is about learning to read your own energy levels and what you need at the different times of day and in the last 5 to 10 minutes before you unleash the dogs from the van and start your adventure

With so many kilometres and also vertical metres covered on a daily basis you also need to understand when your brain needs to relax and have time out. That is when a good podcast can do wonders. 

In future posts I will try and share some good music and podcast recommendations so you can get a good feel for what we do when we are not jumping around deep in Oslomarka. 

Today….. i will start off the recommendations with a bit of a classic. Here is the link for those with Spotify!:

Anna’s walks
Dogs:Sami, Anni and Frost

Dogs:Zappa, Axe, Haraka and Twist

Christina’s walk

Linn’s walk
Dogs:Milo, Wilma and Fant

Matt’s walks
Dogs:Quila, Stella, Lexi, Mira and Minttu

Dogs:Wilma, Ragnar, Fridtjof, Lexie and Tassen

We wish you all a wonderful evening with your pups

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt