Fredag 6 november turer

Friday to the face! 

That’s right it’s Friday afternoon and the weekend is now here. 

The World finds itself in lockdown and under varying degrees of regulations and restrictions as we are told to stay inside. However one of the best caveats is that dogs are allowed to be taken out for walks. So that is exactly what we will do and bring first smiles back to your faces in what has been a challenging 2020. 

“If” you enjoy this blog and you feel that some dog loving friends would like to also smile during these tough times, then why not share this blog or post on social media by dropping them the link for them to check out the dogblogg.  We certainly don’t want to have a monopoly on having all the fun and want to share our adventures and joy with as many people as possible worldwide. 

I have also decided that going forwards I will be sharing tips on dog walking, what we get up to when not on the walks, some great walking locations if you are based in or around Oslo… and I will be talking you through some of my favourite items of kit that I have and use after almost 8 years of being out on these dog adventures everyday.

By all means if this isn’t your thing then just skipped over what I write and enjoy the happy smiling doggy photos. Scroll to the bottom for our first tongue in cheek Kit Review.

Otherwise sit back and enjoy sharing this journey and these adventures with us. 

Anna’s walk
Dogs:Zappa, Haraka and Lucy

Matt’s walks
Dogs:Kimba, Balder, Vali and Minttu

Dogs:Fridtjof, Hank, Max, Jippi and Minttu

Kit Review: Minttu

First good bit of kit a dog walker needs is a border collie…. or any sort of herding dog to help you round up your groups and stop escapees!

Minttu is only 18 months old but what she lacks in years she makes up for in energy! Much like her owner she is always ready to get the party started on the walks and happy to play and play and play.

Her other qualities include being a great Co-Pilot in the Van and accepting to be paid in food and lodgings as opposed to Kroner. She holds the role of Assistant to the “CAT” (Chief Adventure Technician, which is my new self-proclaimed job title –for today at least — and apt as i often get dogs chasing me around!)

We wish you all an excellent weekend of fun and walks

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt