Onsdag 28 oktober turer

Hei og happy onsdag til dere

The day after torrential rain is always amazing…… I met up with Linn this morning to drop off some keys and we spotted some blue sky behind the rain clouds. It looked amazing and it wasn’t too long before we, the dogs and the woods were bathed in sunshine.

Sunlight glimmering off the vast expanses of water lying everywhere made for some amazing scenery to go explore in.

Anna’s walks
Dogs:Lucy and Lucy

Dogs: Haraka, Memphis, Twist and Axe

Christina’s walk
Dogs:Wilma and Ragnar

Linn’s walk
Dogs:Hank, Fant, Beilly and Wilma

Matt’s walks
Dogs:Thelma, Tesla, Punky and Minttu

Dogs:Kimba, Ilex, Freia, Sunny and Fridtjof

We wish you all a lovely evening with your puppies. Tomorrow is looking like it should be a sunny one once again, so we will find some great routes and trails to explore with the dogs! So check back in

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt