Tirsdag 27 oktober turer

Hei hei og god tirsdag!

We hope you have had great Tuesday so far. 

Incredibly wet out there in the woods today as we took a few good involuntary showers over the course of our walks. Luckily the vast majority of the doggies today seemed to ignore the conditions after about 5 minutes and get into the fun and games, chasing each other around and staying warm. 

With a little unforeseen car garage visit for one of our walker’s vans today we had a bit of last minute chopping and changing in order to squeeze those 3 doggies who were due to head out with that walker into to my walks thereby ensuring no doggy would miss out on their Tuesday adventure.

The van is now thankfully fixed and ready for tomorrow’s adventures!

Definitely wellington boot weather once again as we found up to 30 cm of water lying on the ground in various places. But absolutely great fun was had once out and in nature!

Anna’s walks
Dogs:Sami, Lucy, Frost, Lucy and Anni

Dogs:Lucy, Twist, Haraka, Zappa and Memphis

Matt’s walks
Dogs:Mira, Lexi, Milo, Wilma, Stella and Quila

Dogs:Tassen, Kimba, Fridtjof, Tiki, Ragnar and Fant

We wish you all a good evening with your pups who we hope are happy and relaxing in the warmth and dry at home with you! We are back again tomorrow for our usual Midweek Madness and thoroughly looking forward to it already

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt