Onsdag 21 oktober turer

Hei og happy onsdag til dere

We hope you have had a great day.

Much drier today as Autumn colours returned all over the woods after the rain overnight washed away most of the white gold as known as snow.

BUT…… if you search it out and are willing to drive a little further….. you can still find it. My doggies were very happy to chase a mixture of sticks and snowballs today as we flitted between Autumn and Winter each 100 metres.

Cracking conditions, even if i am in Wellington boots on my walks to keep my feet dry (yesterday i managed to get water into my Gore-Tex hiking boots and they are taking their time to dry out

Anna’s walk
Dogs:Haraka, Lucy, Memphis, Lucy and Axe

Christina’s walk
Dogs:Ragnar and Sara

Linn’s walk
Dogs:Fant, Hank and Wilma

Matt’s walks
Dogs:Punky, Tesla, Thelma and Minttu

Dogs:Sunny, Samus, Ilex, Fridtjof and Freia

Have a lovely rest of this Wednesday. Tomorrow is Thursday already and time to start planning where you might head adventuring with your pups this weekend.

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt