Onsdag 7 oktober turer

Hei og god onsdag til dere

What a wonderful Wednesday….. to be fair after the torrential rain of yesterday, it was always going to be a great day of walks and adventures.

We hope you have had a lovely day whether working from home, office or just out and about exploring yourselves.

By the time the skies opened and the rain came bucketing down we had just finished our afternoons walks and some happy and tired doggies could relax in the van as we dropped them back home.

Pretty wet underfoot in the woods, but the puddles are great fun for those doggies who like to bathe…. and those same puddles make for great obstacles to jump over or run around for those doggies who are not avid water lovers!

Anna’s walk
Dogs: Twist, Axe, Barolo and Lucy

Christina’s walk
Dogs: Sara, Vali, Ragnar and Wilma

Linn’s walk
Dogs: Beilly, Memphis, Lucille, Wilma and Hank

Matt’s walks
Dogs: Punky, Haraka, Thelma and Tesla

Dogs:Fridtjof, Sunny, Lucy, Ilex and Freia

We wish you all a fantastic evening with your doggies. We are back tomorrow for more fun and games, so remember to check back in. Big big hugs to the pups from all of us


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt