Fredag 2 oktober turer

Hei, god fredag og happy helg!

The weekend is upon us and congratulations for making it through another week. What better way to celebrate the weekend than looking at some pictures of dogs?

Your doggies were bounding their way through this Friday. Energy levels were high and it was fun and games throughout. Leaping, sniffing, fetching, chasing, playing…. it all went down today on our walks and it was a brilliant way to finish off what has been another fantastic walking week.

Just checked the weather forecast and it does look like a bit of a rain storm heading Oslo’s way on Sunday…. so remember to get in some great adventures tomorrow with your doggies, so you can have a relaxing Sunday….. maybe a long breakfast, get the fireplace ready to sit in front of with a good book (or some good music) and feet up. OR just put on your best rain clothes and get outside and dance in the storm…. whatever takes your fancy.

But back to today and i’ll stop with the rambling and let you see the fun from today


Christina’s walk

Dogs: Vali and Lucy


Matt’s walks

Dogs:Tiki, Kimba, Balder, Tassen and Haraka


Dogs:Samus, Jippi, Hank, Fridtjof and Zappa


Anna’s walk

Dogs: Lucy and Axe


Have a fabulous weekend with your doggies. Big big hugs to them from all of us. We are back again on Monday and we will be ready and charged up to get the adventures flowing once more


Anna, Christina, Frida, Linn, Isabelle, Sandra, August and Matt