Torsdag 24 september turer

Hei og god torsdag til dere

We hope you are all well and you have stayed relatively dry today and you are not being too blown away by the winds now!

A true weather day today. A good old lotto of just having to be prepared for everything and anything being thrown at you.

On one walk we had torrential rain, a strong storm like wind and bright sunshine making everything shine so bright off the wet surroundings that i was finding my sunglasses quickly. But being out there and experiencing nature in its raw form is so much fun…… and also makes you appreciate the warmth of home at the end of the day.

The doggies were taking the battle with the elements in their stride and having a great time hanging out with their mates.


Christina’s walk

Dogs: Anni, Småen and Wilma


Frida’s walk

Dog: Fant


Linn’s walk

Dogs:Memphis, Lucille, Milo and Wilma


Matt’s walks

Dogs:Quila, Stella, Bamse, Lexi and Lucy


Dogs:Ilex, Freia, Tassen, Fia and Lucy


Dogs:Fridtjof, Zappa and Haraka


We wish you a lovely evening relaxing with your pups at home. It does look like tomorrow should be drier for the walks before more rain in the evening, so that might mean slightly less blurry photos!

Big hugs to the doggies from all of us


Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt