Fredag 28 august turer

God fredag og happy helg

We hope you are all well and congratulations on making it to yet another weekend.

Glorious out there today! A great end to what has been one of the best walking weeks of 2020….. it is hard to compare weeks / seasons / etc…. but what i know is this week has been AMAZING fun and the doggies seem to have absolutely loved every minute of it.

Christina’s Walk

Dogs: Vali and Lucy


Frida’s Walk

Dogs:Hank, Tilla, Leo and Tessa


Matt’s Walks

Dogs: Pontus, Tassen, Balder and Minttu


Dogs:Zappa, Jippi, Samus and Minttu


We hope you liked the photos…. but now it is time to put down the phone, turn off the PC screen and go enjoy some quality time with your dogs and family. Big big hugs to the doggies from us. We are back on Monday and ready for another great week of adventuring


Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August, Fred and Matt