Mandag 24 august turer

Heisann og god mandag til dere

We hope you are well and have had a great start to the week.

Your doggies are in fine form and they were loving the fact that the temperatures have dropped about 5-7C whilst there is still sunshine. Go on….. admit it to yourself….. it was lovely having cooler temperatures last night and early this morning. A certain freshness which gives you energy instead of the heat sucking it out of you.

Felt like the start of an Autumn….. and what is my favourite walking season of the year (for those of you who wish to know my favourite season……. it is Winter….. as a former ski instructor, it has to be!). Nothing beats the colours, the scenery, the overall amazingness (not a word) of Autumn!


Christina’s walk

Dogs: Vali, Sara and Ragnar


Linn’s walk

Dogs: Memphis, Wilma, Hank and Lucille


Matt’s walks

Dogs: Balder, Tassen, Anni, Minttu and Lucy


Dogs: Lucy, Jippi, Sunny, Fridtjof and Ilex


We wish you all a fabulous Monday evening with your pups. We are back again tomorrow (Tuesday) with some great adventures planned, so do check back in. Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August, Fred and Matt