Fredag 21 august turer

God fredag, happy helg

We hope you are all well and have had a great end to the week.

Quite wet out there this afternoon, but quite lovely to have a change after 2 weeks of cracking sunshine.

The doggies certainly didn’t seem less playful or motivated by the wet conditions and it was gå gå gå!!!

Christina’s walk

Dogs: Vali and Lucy


Matt’s walks

Dogs: Samus, Fridtjof, Jippi, Lucy and Minttu


Dogs: Balder, Memphis, Tassen, Hank and Minttu

We wish you all a splendid weekend with some great adventures with your doggies. We are back again on Monday, ready to explore away another week with the pups


Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August, Fred and Matt