Torsdag 20 august turer

Hei og god torsdag til dere

What a gorgeous day! Simply great fun to be out and about, adventuring with some great dogs and having amazing fun.

Sunshine, views, craziness from the doggies and some happy, tired doggies being delivered back home post walks. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Few people out and about today in the woods, and everyone was smiling and the dogs were getting a lot of attention and cuddles, including from a little young girl on Vettakollen who was super excited to stroke 2 of the doggies this afternoon after first asking and checking that it was okay.

This morning I was joined by Fred and his German Shepherd puppy Boffen on my walk with the pups. Boffen jumped right in and he was loving life chasing Sami, Quila and Stella around the woods as we explored my secret valley.

(For those of you who don’t know who Fred is…. he is the magician behind Portrait of a Dogwalker: )


Christina’s walk

Dogs: Anni and Lucy


Linn’s walk

Dogs:Fant, Hank, Wilma and Lucille


Matt’s walks

Dogs: Quila, Sami, Tassen, Milo, Stella and Boffen (together with Fred)


Dogs: Fridtjof, Fia, Lucy and Ilex


Big big hugs to the pups. Have a fantastic evening. Tomorrow it looks like we could be getting quite a bit of rain, so if your doggie will be joining us, remember to leave a towel by the door.

Check back in tomorrow for a great way to start the weekend


Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August, Fred and Matt