Torsdag 6 august turer

Hei og happy torsdag til dere

We hope you are well and have had a wonderful day.

Bit wetter than forecast, but it was magical out there today. Some proper good adventuring early this morning, carving out new trails and going deep into new parts of the woods. I’ll say “Maridalen” so as not to give away too much of my locations.

Then this afternoon the rain and drizzle eased off and it was playtime as we scaled Mount Wyllerløyper….. taking a quick pause (or should that be Paws?) at the top for the elder members of the group to catch their breath, before a good fun rapid descent on the steeper face.

August’s walk

Dog: Fia


Matt’s walks

Dogs: Bamse, Sami, Quila, Lucy and Anni


Dogs: Småen, Freia, Kimba, Tassen and Lucy


We wish you all a lovely evening and big big hugs to your doggies from us all. We are back again tomorrow with some great groups and some doggies who are first walk back from vacations, so check back in to see their happy faces as they bounce around in Oslomarka.


Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt