Tirsdag 4 august turer – We’re Back!

God tirsdag og god august!

We are back!

The Summer holidays / daddy leave were great fun….. but it is lovely to be back, to be exploring Oslomarka again and to be greeted by so many happy doggie faces post Summer break!

We hope you are all well….. the doggies we have welcomed back already seem in great shape and spirits, so we must assume you have had a wonderful Summer of walks, relaxation and adventures!


Matt’s walks

Dogs: Anni, Quila, Bamse and Minttu


Dogs: Lucy, Minttu, Sami and Lucy


Have a lovely evening, enjoy the sunshine before the rain tomorrow. We are back again tomorrow of course and planning some fun walks and spaces to run and play.

Big big hugs to your dogs from us all


Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt