Fredag 10 juli turer og god sommer!

Heisann og happy fredag til dere

We hope you have had a lovely day so far and you are ready for the weekend and maybe even start of your holidays.

Most of Oslo are away now and it is lovely to be able to have more time in the woods and less sat in traffic, it must be said.

The woods are looking greener and greener each day…. helped by a good amount of rain over the last week. No exception to this right now, as it is raining as i type.

But we avoided the rain today on the walks, though some pups found some good water sources to cool off and take a long dip.

We are taking a little Summer break from today until Tuesday 4th August now as we adventure in new places…. both in Oslomarka and further afield….. whilst also finding some down days to rest up some well used and tired legs! That way we can ensure to hit our walks with energy, bounce and hyper-activity from August again.

Always a strange mixed emotion when holidays start…… on one side looking forward to some relaxing days, spending some time with friends and family…. but also a sadness of knowing you won’t see many of your dogs for 3-4 weeks over Summer…… but it makes starting up after the holidays all the more exciting and happy….. Absence makes the heart grow fonder (as we say in England!)


Matt’s walks

Dogs: Tassen, Minttu, Balder and Haraka


Dogs: Samus and Minttu



Wishing you all a fabulous Summer break with your pups. We know they will love spending lots more time adventuring with you all whilst you are on holidays and off work. Big big hugs to them all from us


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt