Fredag 26 juni turer

Hei og happy fredag!

Happy weekend! This week, like so many others, has flown by…. in a hot haze!

Amazing adventures and we have had a truly “wander-full” time.

Capped off a great week today by finding a new trail i had never taken…… it was quite up and down, twisting, turning, scrambling, sliding and full of mosquitoes…. BUT it was so so much fun. The views were amazing and I managed to discover yet another corner of Oslomarka that i had not walked yet. By the time we returned to the van the boys and Minttu were pretty tired, but we all agreed it was worth it. It will not be the last time i take that trail….. a fantastic new option in my walk book.


Anna’s walk
Dogs: Lucy, Trulte, Haraka and Terje

Christina’s walk
Dog: Vali

Frida’s walk
Dog: Hank, Tessa, Tilla and Gaia

Matt’s walks

Dogs: Balder, Tassen and Minttu

Dogs: Lucy, Minttu, Fridtjof and Samus


We wish you all a lovely weekend with your doggies. Happy Summer holidays to those owners and pups who had their last walks for a while this week…… but to those lucky ones who are still in Oslo…. WE ARE BACK on Monday again, so check back in and follow the adventures.


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt